Psalm 1

I love Psalm 1! It contains so many simple and yet powerful promises. Today I took some of the key verses (in bold below) and personalised it for myself. Can I encourage you to go ahead and do this for yourself too? Ps 1:1 Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of… Continue reading Psalm 1

Sowing and Reaping

Recently I celebrated my 40th birthday and I still can’t quite believe it! Not only am I surprised at how fast this milestone has come around but I am also still amazed at the flood of people’s well wishes, cards, gifts and general show of care. As I sat and reflected on how my day… Continue reading Sowing and Reaping


Recently I read a Christian article which spoke about, “The invitation to yield in absolute surrender to His ways and His timing”. This article got me thinking about the word yield and what it actually means and how I (and you) can practically accept this invitation. What does it look like to yield to God?… Continue reading Yielding